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ONCE UPON A TIME…in a land far away, there was a beautiful, shining kingdom of kids ruled by a Fairy Queen. The Fairy Queen had magical powers. Her prowess with magic was such that it made the little inhabitants of land dazzle like STARS.

This kingdom was called StarKids – where every kid is a star!

Introducing for the first time in Australia – StarKids is one of a kind Salon & Spa lovingly designed just for kids. From bright, colourful, kids friendly ambience to high quality professional salon and spa services – StarKids offers a stress free experience beyond imagination.

With it’s state of art design, ultra modern interiors, interactive pool noodle wall, entertainment, iPads, TV’s, unique salon chairs and kids pamper stations …     your kids are certainly headed for a memorable experience at the Coolest Kids Salon & Spa in town.

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